COVID-19 Update

To better protect our patients and staff, our office is screening every patient that presents to the office for their appointment. We are asking only the patient enter the office and anyone who accompanies them please wait in their vehicle.

We are only allowing one patient at a time to enter the lobby and once they have been through the screening process we will let the next patient waiting to enter. Our screening process includes answering a few questions, having their temperature taken and given hand sanitizer to use.

We are also locking our front door throughout the day during our normal hours. If you come by the office and the door is locked please knock. If we do not answer the door please give the office a call at 850-771-2001. We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we take these precautions to better ensure the health and safety of everyone.

Hand Care

Hands and wrists are essential to our quality of life and give us the ability to perform everyday tasks big and small.  Problems resulting from injury, age, and even long-term repetitive motion can cause pain and limitations to the quality of life we deserve.  Medical conditions of these extremities require the expertise of a physician who understands and can properly diagnose hand and wrist maladies . If you are having problems with everyday use of your hands and wrists contact us for an appointment to see how we can get you back to enjoying life and the freedom of healthy hands and wrists.


Common Problems


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Cubital Tunnel Syndrome
Dupuytren's Contractures
Finger Dislocations
Finger Fractures
Finger Sprains
Ganglion Cyst
Hand and Wrist Arthritis
Hand Fractures
Mallet Finger (Jamming a Finger)
Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex (TFCC)
Trigger Finger
Wrist Fractures
Wrist Sprains
Wrist Tendonitis




The human hand is a delicate and complex structure.  Our practice offers treatments to improve range of motion to fingers, hands, and wrists with the latest techniques available.  Sometimes it's a simple support device to give added strength, medications to reduce swelling to joints, therapy, or if needed surgical procedures, all designed to provide you a lifetime of use for your hands, wrists, and forearms.


Cortizone Injections

TFCC Repair