Spine Care

At Southern Orthopedic Spine Surgery Center we offer successful solutions to all your bone, joint, and muscle problems; but our main focus is on spine-care.  We think of the spine to the body like the foundation of a house to the home; one just doesn't work without the support of the other. One thing is certain, injury to the spine requires not only the experience of a physician like Dr. Gaiser, but an entire staff committed to providing the best solution for your specific condition.  Our goal is to offer you options and advice that will ensure an outcome which restores as much strength and mobility possible and returns you to the quality of life you deserve.  Spinal injuries can be the most debilitating and in very serious cases, crippling of medical conditions, making it imperative you seek and receive the best remedy for your particular circumstance.  Our practitioners and  staff are rated the best in this area by the people who know first hand - our patients and their loved ones - just how much we care about your well being and our dedication to the highest standard of recovery for everyone we treat.


Common Problems

Vertebral Fractures
Compression Fractures
Spinal Stenosis
Degenerative Disc Disease
Motor Vehicle Related Injuries
Spinal Cord Injury
Sports Injury



A neck or spinal injury, no matter how minor it may seem, requires immediate immobilization to prevent further injury or even paralysis.  Treatment for this type of injury by a qualified specialist is imperative to avoid further damage or complications and to ensure the best outcome.  Our practice offers that competence in a compassionate and professional environment.  Even if no injuries are evident, you should always seek medical treatment if neck or spine pain is continuous or severe; particularly if the pain emanates through your arms and legs or is accompanied by numbness, headaches, tingling sensations or weakness.  There is no substitute for emergency treatment of an injury to the neck or spine.  Our office provides a variety of treatments including surgery, medication, physical therapy or a combination of these to provide the relief you need for improved function and overall health.


Laser Spine Surgery

DaVinci Robotic Surgery