Shoulder Care

Remember the adage "like carrying the world on your shoulder's?"  If you're experiencing pain from the strain of heavy lifting, you overdid it at the gym, or suffered the unfortunate yet common Rotator Cuff tear, most likely you are hurting and dealing with a limited range of shoulder motion.  Shoulder injuries are one of the most common, especially for athletes and workout enthusiasts who are always pushing themselves to pump a little more iron.  Untreated conditions like ligament or tendon injuries, dislocations, radial fractures and even nerve damage can be overlooked as just a strain or overdoing it at the gym, when in fact they are much more serious and can lead to debilitating problems as we get older.  Don't let a treatable condition turn into a  problem that robs you of the ability to stay active for a lifetime.  Contact our office and let us keep you moving throughout all your years ahead. 


Common Problems


Rotator cuff tears and other injuries
Labral tears
Shoulder dislocations and shoulder instability
Scapholunate ligament tears
Scaphoid and distal radius fractures
Tendon ruptures
Nerve injuries




Treatments always depend on the severity of an injury, as well as the overall health of the patient and whether or not the injury is recent or an old injury that wasn't treated properly when it occurred.  Everything from modifying your physical activity, to applying physical therapy and sometimes surgical intervention are all options for treatment  and can best be decided by consulting a qualified physician.  Our practice offers these solutions and more to treat  your shoulder pain and discomfort and we are available to help you get back to the gym, back in the game, casting a fishing rod or swinging the golf club, with comfort and ease.